Pay it forward 2019-03-28T13:45:43+00:00

Our primary objective is to lead progressive change and promote the advancement of women in all fields. And as such, we are excited to pioneer an initiative that salutes the “pay-it-forward” notion by organizing ad-hoc, short term strategies to support our friends and neighbours.

The concept has gained considerable popularity in recent years but largely remains abstract in the sphere of public discussion, so we want to bring it down to earth. Our idea is to host monthly meetings in which discussions center around finding a new initiative.

Whatever it is, team members can elect a project, choose to get involved and mobilize as a unit. We can’t wait to get started on this one!


In our community, women gain essential skills, enhance their knowledge, share stories, build lasting relationships, cultivate valuable connections and build the confidence necessary to advance in today’s rapidly changing world.